Gold is one of the most precious and liquid metals on earth.

People regularly purchase gold to protect themselves from currency fluctuations. The price of gold changes depending on many factors, mainly the US dollar purchase power, the geopolitical threats, and changes around the world. An investor can always make profit even if the price drops by using the buy and sell options presented by AX Financials MT4 .


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Product Symbol Exchange Product margin Minimum spread (pips) Average spread (pips) Typical spread (pips) Trading hours
Gold Future GOLD N/A 0.70% 3 Not Available Not Available Sunday 18:00 - Friday 17:00
Gold vs Australian Dollar XAUAUD N/A 0.50% 6.6 4.3715 4.4 Wednesday 01:00 - Friday 23:58
Gold vs Euro XAUEUR N/A 0.50% 4 2.5 2.5 Wednesday 01:00 - Friday 23:58
Gold vs Swiss Franc XAUCHF N/A 0.50% 4 3.753 3.8 Wednesday 01:00 - Friday 23:58
Gold vs US Dollar XAUUSD N/A 0.50% 3 3.0001 3 Wednesday 01:00 - Friday 23:58
Gold vs British Pound  XAUGBP N/A 0.50% 3.8 2.8681 2.8 Wednesday 01:00 - Friday 23:58
Silver vs British Pound   XAGGBP N/A 1% 1.8 1.225 1.2 Wednesday 01:00 - Friday 23:58
Silver vs Euro  XAGEUR N/A 1% 1.8 1.091 1.1 Wednesday 01:00 - Friday 23:58
Silver vs Singapore Dollar XAUSGD N/A 1% 8.8 Not Available Not Available Wednesday 01:00 - Friday 23:58
Silver vs US Dollar XAGUSD N/A 1% 2.5 2.5 2.5 Wednesday 01:00 - Friday 23:58

Please note that all our spreads are variable and dependent on the underlying market prices. In normal conditions we can usually offer our ‘minimum’ spread but these will increase when the underlying market spread widens. Market prices can widen at illiquid times of the day or when major news or economic data is released.

The ‘minimum’ spread shows the tightest spread available for any given product. The ‘average’ and ‘typical’ spread shows the average (mean) and the most common (mode) respectively in a 24 hour period. These are updated for the last trading day of each month.